Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i won!

I am one of those people who never wins anything (in comparison to my sister's fiance, who wins everything), but yesterday was my lucky day. Instead of meeting Christine for coffee, we decided instead to meet up after work and head over to Newbury Street to run some errands. I managed to get a post office run in before I met her without being too late, and then we hopped on the train to the Arlington stop. Since Christine had a gift certificate for La Perla, we went there first, but spent very little time in there after finding the bras priced at $400+. Oy.

We next headed to a spa so she could pick up a gift certificate, and then met Danny on his way home from work, so the 3 of us wandered around a bit, rather aimlessly. We found ourselves at one point outside of Lush (I just love their fizzy bath products, even though I don't have a bathtub...), and when we were inside, we were each handed a raffle ticket for a little drawing they were doing right then. And they pulled my ticket! It was quite exciting, especially because what I won was actually "shower jelly", which the saleslady told me was fantastic on a hot day, if you store it in the freezer. Mmm. It's already there.

Otherwise that night, Dan & I ate a quick meal at Boloco, and then went home & watched Old School (Dan had never seen it & I insisted he did). I worked several more rows on Dan's socks and took a shower, and then it was time for bed. A very pleasant evening, all in all.

p.s. The SP8 pictures are coming soon, I promise! I can't wait to share the fun with everyone. :) I just am waiting for my cell phone bill to roll over to the next monthly cycle, so I don't overdo my picture-messaging limit & get charged an arm & a leg! Arg.

p.p.s. I'm terrified that Verizon isn't going to let me out of my contract that should be up mid-August, but we shall see. I need to go talk to a store to talk to someone in person, I do believe.

p.p.p.s. My parents are back from their trip to China! I will definitely have more to say on that soon. Welcome back, Mom & Dad! Glad to have you back stateside, safe & sound. xo

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Anonymous said...


Did you say $400+ bras? Bras? There had better be some precious metals or gemstones on those suckers. Wow.

Congratulations on the Lush prize! I love their stuff. Too bad there isn't a store near me. Or maybe that's a good thing, 'cause otherwise I'd have to feed two habits--yarn and Lush! :)


Unknown said...

Did you have an OK time last night? Now you know we don't bite! :P