Friday, August 11, 2006


A short note on the books I read:

For all those whom I have borrowed books from, here's the deal: My basic order of operations (which I've decided to stick as much to as I possibly can, as of now) is that I first read books I've borrowed from the library (which are almost always those related to book clubs, because I want to get them done quickly & without spending money). Second, I aim for any books I've borrowed from other people. Third, I read ones I know that others want to borrow from me (even if it's just on And lastly, I read those books that I own & really want to get to.

Needless to say, I don't read many from that last category. I've had several really huge volumes (Stephenson's last 2 Baroque Cycle books, Infinite Jest, etc.) on my bookshelf for years; books that I itch to get to, but also want to put off. Ah, it's a continuous battle.

Haha, and I know, I know, I bring it upon myself. I think I need to slow the flow of books for the time being. Dan & I were just commenting on how we only very recently purchased a new bookshelf, and already that one's rapidly overflowing, too.

I read as quickly as I can! Ah, how I wish I were superhuman in that respect. xoxo

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