Thursday, August 03, 2006


I've been totally unproductive at work lately. It's a long story. It surprisingly doesn't have anything directly to do with the heat, though. Basically, when I went into the office last week in order to "switch computers" (I was trading my old one in for a newer one, which was to make programming a zillion times faster & easier for me), I brought all the CDs with me that I thought I'd need for more or less recreating my old machine on the new one. One of the CDs I had with me was Visual Basic (I'd prefer to be writing in C++, but oh well), the program I need in order to write & compile my code into a working program. The program I need in order to get any work done! Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the CD, and it couldn't be read in its entirety, so I had to call the other programmer (who lives in Long Island) to ask him to make me another copy of the CD. He had problems copying, and it was taking quite a long time. On top of that, the heat wave of this week forced him to shut down his overheating computers, during which time he couldn't do any copying at all.

Which means that I have spent the last few days mostly reading The Art of Interactive Design and trying to catch up on other stuff (emails, etc.). It was nice not to have to think terribly heavy thoughts in the midst of the swells of heat that clouded my brain, so I am not as upset as I otherwise would be. But I am so terribly, terribly impatient to get that software! As I write this, my old computer is being shipped back up to me so I can get the necessary work done. But, I want VB on the new computer! There was definitely a reason (it was slow & had display & wireless problems) that I needed a new one! Ugh.

At least I can feel somewhat productive again when the old computer arrives. But I just want to feel super-productive, with the new one!!

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