Friday, May 23, 2008

ah, sunshine

Working outside today, because it is warmer outside than in. What is with this weather? It's been so cold. I don't know why I expect hot temperatures in May, though. Maybe just 'cause we've seen them in recent years. Aside from the cold nights, though, I don't really mind - I prefer daytime weather like this (at least the outside temperatures) rather than extreme heat & humidity. I like t-shirt-and-jeans-and-sweatshirt weather; I've always preferred it. I just hate when I dress for warmer weather during the day and then am not prepared for the almost-freezing temperatures at night - so I walk around huddled in my thin jacket and wishing I'd worn socks.

I am totally digging warming myself in the gorgeous sunshine right now, though. Yay for laptops and wireless Internets. :)


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TITLE: The Friday Night Knitting Club
AUTHOR: Kate Jacobs

TITLE: Daughter of Fortune
AUTHOR: Isabel Allende

Monday, May 12, 2008

treat your mother right

Just thought this was appropriate for yesterday...yay, Mr. T!

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TITLE: Special Topics in Calamity Physics
AUTHOR: Marisha Pessl

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

ugh, tests...

Well, I've decided it's high time for me to take the GRE. I keep putting it off, but I figure that's the first step in getting me anywhere on the road to grad school. I've been seriously considering (again) studying NLP, because I do love computers + grammar, but I want to do something that actually makes a difference. That's what I've really been struggling with a lot lately. So I need to do a bit more research into ways research into that field might actually help make the world a better place, someday. I'll keep y'all updated on any further developments in this vein.

For now, I'm looking into GRE books. I was thinking taking classes would be fun (mostly for the social aspect, as I kind of hate the whole marketplace of "here's how to get the edge on standarized testing!"), but they cost a whopping $1200, so that's been counted out. Besides, I know I can do fine on my own; I just need a little brushing up. It'd be fun to find a community of people to study with, though. Give each other flashcard quizzes and whatnot, haha.

It feels nice to have some sort of direction. But, I've said this sort of thing before & it's gone absolutely nowhere because of my lack of motivation. I really need to get my act together. I'll be 27 very soon. I want to actually feel like I'm at least on a path to somewhere good by 30.

Wish me luck? xoxo

Friday, May 02, 2008

free & cool

Dave is probably already all over this one, but for those of us who aren't such avid comic book readers, I thought some of you might be interested in hearing about this: Free Comic Book Day! Free is always good, and comics definitely don't seem to get enough recognition these days. I may go for a beloved Archie tomorrow (if Jughead were real, he'd totally be the guy I had an irrepressible crush on, a la Big Ethel), but...I may also branch out and try something new & exciting. I don't give comics enough of a fair shake, myself.

Have a good (and comic-filled) weekend, everyone! xo

(Thanks to Liquid Treat for the notification on this one.)