Friday, March 28, 2008

last stop

Ahahaha okay I *definitely* need to get more sleep...I almost just didn't make it off the train! I fell asleep halfway through my ride this morning, totally thinking that I normally wake up at every stop, so I'd be fine...but my eyes flew open and I looked up to see the signs for Riverside moving away...and Riverside is the last stop! Which meant I was headed into the train yard with only the conductors! I was so thrown off...usually, even if I do fall asleep, I manage to wake myself up in time, no problem. Not so today. I had to walk to the front of the train and say, "Excuse me, sir...?" The conductor was totally nice about everything, and let me off at a place where I could just easily cut back through to the platform, but still...I felt like such a jerk. We were both laughing because he said he usually checks the cars before he moves the train on into the lot (by the last stop outbound, there are usually very few people in the cars; I have definitely been the only one left in my car before) and I said that I normally wouldn't have slept through the last stop! That definitely means I'm way overtired. Usually I'm a pretty light sleeper. I think the rain trickling down the T windows lulled me to sleep this morning....

It probably also doesn't help that The Brothers Karamazov is so dense. I am loving the book right now and am really engaged in it, but sometimes there are just so damn many words on the page, haha. I've heard tell that Dostoyevsky was paid by the word for his newspaper serials (of which TBK was one). This would not surprise me in the last, as my copy of the book is almost 800 pages. Well, at least I've got less than 300 left to go! (I really only read it on the T, which is why it's going so slowly for me....)

I have been up late every night this week, and last night was no exception: Shaina took me to see a production of Annie at the Wang. I don't think I've ever seen a show there, and the coolest thing was that she had gotten her tickets through work, so we had awesome (free!) balcony seats! It felt so privileged, haha. The show was good but not the best version of the play that I've seen...some of the actors were very good, though. And the dog! So impressive, how well trained he was.

Anyway, my ultimate conclusion from all of this is that I really have to try to be better about sleep. I think it would probably really help to not schedule so much after work...but I like doing lots of things! Arg. Conundrum.

Well, I hope you all stay warm & dry on this yucky day. I am so looking forward to curling up all cozy in bed tonight....


Monday, March 17, 2008

ringing joyful and triumphant

No, this post has nothing really do to with the sentiment in its title. When I thought "ringing", the first thing that came to my head were the above lyrics, which is from one of my favorite scenes ever in Veronica Mars. (The song is apparently by Mike Doughty. It's excellent.)

Anyway, why was I thinking "ringing"? Because I've been suffering from a mild form of tinnitus for the past several days, maybe even a week? It's not really fun. In my right ear, it sounds like there is a machine running or a car idling continually in the distance. 24/7.

I don't know if that's been contributing to my insomnia or not, but there's another thing that has been plaguing me. The last several nights, I haven't been able to get myself to actually sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning. Even if I'm lying in bed, eyes closed. Although normally it manifests itself in my not even thinking I'm tired enough to go lay down. I think part of it is I hate that moment between waking & sleep where you have to lie there, at the mercy of just thinking whatever thoughts happen upon you. Maybe I try to exhaust myself so I can just fall into a blissful, deep sleep - but I've never been that kind of a person. So I don't know what I'm expecting. I need to figure out a better way to get myself unconscious - without resorting to drugs or, you know, knocking myself out with a cast-iron pan.

Ah, today's gonna be difficult, what with the lack of sleep. At least office noises (and listening to "I Hear the Bells") help me ignore the ringing in my ears.


Monday, March 10, 2008

just another manic Monday

This weekend was fun. I got to do some stitching & bitching with the North End knitters up at Diesel Cafe at midday on Saturday, then hopped the T back down to Harvard Square to meet up with my mom & sisters, who were in town for the weekend. We had some drinks at Algiers, and wandered around Beadworks, Woolcott, the Garage, and Rodney's despite the pouring rain.

That evening, we went to Right Turn to see one of the best performances I've ever seen Sweet Wednesday put on. (My oldest sister met Lisa randomly one day in a park about 10 years ago, and our family's been following their shows on & off ever since!) It was fun to go with the girls.

Then we stayed up really late watching 90210 and Waitress, which unfortunately was not as good as I had hoped it would be. But, Mal from Firefly was in it, so I enjoyed that!

The next morning, I met up with Shaina for my first Johnny D's jazz brunch experience! It was really fun (although close quarters, and really crowded), and the food was pretty good, although not the best I've ever tasted. I guess I'm still partial to Pour House brunches. You can't beat pumpkin pie pancakes.

I spent the early afternoon getting things done around the apartment, and then attended my first Code Pink meeting in ages. I can't believe it's been so long since I've seen some of those people! It was really good to catch up, though, and feel once again like I was back in the thick of things. Granted, I'm not much of an in-your-face protester, but I am definitely looking forward to Knitting for Justice (at the new Stitch House in Dot.) this Tuesday! That's something I could really get into.

Lots going on otherwise, but I don't feel like talking much about any of it. I got a ton of knitting done over this weekend, and surprisingly my wrists don't seem any the worse for it today. I'll try to share some of the several things I worked on at some point soon.

Till then, have a good week.


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Friday, March 07, 2008

excuse me while i geek out

I was just scanning an old C++ textbook to find this information that I need, and I came across a very profound statement: "Friendship is not inherited." Granted, probably only those of you who know OOP will understand the geeky side of that phrase, but I thought it was pretty neat.


damn they're good

Wow. I just got my first Google Calendar invitation spam. I am speechless - I didn't even know they could do that. As much as I passionately despite spammers, I do have to admit that sometimes I have to grudgingly respect them, as well. They can really impress me with their wily ways. I still plan to ignore their every advance, but I definitely concede their smarts. Well, some of them - not those who write poorly spelled & ridiculous subject lines when trying to sell me penis enlargements or dates with hot teenage girls. But those guys at the top? The ones who really do the scheming, and pass their ideas on down to the peons who pester me? They're good. Evil, but good.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I'm already having the worst morning. I can just feel this day going downhill fast.

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TITLE: The Brothers Karamazov
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TITLE: Women Who Run with the Wolves
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