Monday, August 27, 2007

reminds me of that scene in Stand By Me...

I just saw an online ad warning kids against this. people do that? As a pastime? Is it the new sniffing glue?

That just creeps me right out.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

bad luck

I'm just waiting for #3.

Here's thus far:

1. Last night, I was out at dinner and my card got declined. Declined! I've actually never had that happen to me before, although apparently it's pretty common (that's the consensus, anyway). I knew right away what was wrong: I am supposed to be receiving a new card (upgrade PLUS new # - and it's black! ooo) in the mail, but I haven't yet. I figured my old one would work until the new one arrived, but it's now about 3 weeks late getting to me, so when I didn't activate the new guy, they just shut off the old one. Doesn't make any sense to me, because you'd think they'd realize that the old one was still showing regular activity, and the new one wasn't showing any at all. Don't they have systems to track that? Whatever. Anyway, I luckily had money in my checking account so was able to pay using my debit card, but gosh was that an awful feeling. You wonder if people look at you differently. Although I'd guess that wait staff see that kind of thing a lot more than I know...and I'm sure it's not all people who have just charged their card into oblivion. But still.

2. This morning, everything was going fine on my way to work, until I entered my office building. I said good morning to the guard as per usual, and then proceeded towards this little set of stairs I normally take, which gets me up about a half's all very hard to explain, but very public. So one second I am walking along, not a care in the world (hah, not likely), and the next I am flat on my back. Seriously. I don't even remember the falling part! Oh, and then I realize that I'm soaking wet. Apparently the pretty little decorative waterfall right next to the stairs overflowed...a LOT. The puddle was a few inches deep. But, because of the color of the marble floor and because the stairs are kind of in shadow (also difficult to explain), it was almost invisible, even after I stood up to take a look at my surroundings. Well, to make a long story short, the guard made sure I was okay, gave me access to the fitness center (so I could blow-dry my jeans!), and I was on my way, just really embarassed. (The woman in the fitness center bathroom with me must've thought I had lost my marbles, aiming the hairdryer at my ass, which, by the way, doesn't look very wet). I've got bruises forming already on my upper thigh and shin, ugh. All I can say from that experience is: ow.

So, the way my luck has been going, I just hope #3 isn't awful; I don't think I could stand it. xo

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TITLE: Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents
AUTHOR: Ellen Ullman

Monday, August 20, 2007


I tried to tell some dude on the T this morning that he had dropped his crossword puzzle while getting on the train, but he got all pissed at me because he couldn't hear me (yeah okay, remove the headphones, jackass) and finally I just gave up and said, "Okay, never mind!"

God I love people.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well. That seemed almost too easy. I'm kind of worried. And still shaking.

I just (finally!) called Verizon to cancel my service with them, after having put it off again and again and again, due to being terrified that they were going to tell me I was in contract with them until the year 2086. I knew that I just wanted to get out; if I was going to have to pay the cancellation fee then I just was going to, but I was going to be really angry if so, because my contract with them was techinically up in September of 2006. I had inquired in several stores about what would happen once my contract term was up; I was worried it would automatically renew for one reason or another (I had heard horror stories), but was reassured that if I didn't get a new phone on contract, I would simply be paying month-to-month. I had kept the phone even after getting a new one, telling myself it was because I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any calls, but I know it was largely because I was literally scared witless of the dreaded Cancellation Call.

However, it turned out pretty well, I believe! (I'm still crossing my fingers, because the dance isn't over yet; it should be shut off by 10:30 tonight, and then they'll mail me a letter confirming the cancellation.) But the rep on the phone was very helpful (and I made sure to get his name, and record the date & time of the call), and told me that since I wasn't under contract, I was all set. Like I said before, it seemed almost too easy. I really did say "um, was that it?" Apparently I'm paid up with them through the end of September, but I asked them please to just turn the service off tonight; I didn't want to find out later on that I'd been charged extra or roped into another contract inadvertently. So hopefully they'll also refund me that money for September.

Anyway, all I can think is PHEW. I am so glad I won't be paying 2 phone bills anymore. It was getting frustrating because I barely used the Verizon phone, but I still don't think I've told everyone my new number, either. Eep. Guess it's mass-email time! Also, if any of you don't yet have it (I believe most of you do, though), please lemme know and I'll be sure to send it your way (or give you a call! hehe).

I need to go relax. I'm still all worked up; I had mentally prepared myself for such a battle, that now it almost (but only almost!) feels like a let-down. What do I do with all this nervous energy?! xo

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

adieu, mes crosswords

So I have kind of settled into this routine on my commute, wherein I will read the daily fluff paper (the Metro) to get a general idea of the news, and then settle in with the crossword puzzle, which can sometimes take up most of the rest of my ride. I'll read my current book to round out the rest of the time, and then on the way back home in the afternoon, I just read. It's been a nice system, and I usually enjoy it (when the crossword doesn't frustrate the hell out of me). But I'm thinking that, in order to keep up better with my blogging friends, I really ought to replace the crossword with a feed reader. (Since I've got a nifty phone to do that with!) I do so love doing crossword puzzles, for many reasons (I have to admit, I've probably learned at least one new word every day...not sure how well any of them have stuck with me, but...), and I kind of felt like I was warming up my brain for the day ahead, but now that I am much more limited at work in terms of what sites I don't feel awkward reading when anyone can walk by (and blogs unfortunately fall under that category), I think that I'll have to alter my routine a bit. I tend to do that pretty often: change things up to see if I can find something that works any better than my current routine (in many facets of my life). I'm always looking for some improvement. I wonder if that's what makes me often feel like something is always just out of my reach....

In any case, so for now it'll be newspaper-blogs/reading. We'll see how that goes. xoxo

p.s. I saw this in the Metro a few days back: it's about time. (By the way, is Boston Now part of The Boston Globe? I had no idea. Intriguing....)

p.p.s. I know I'm way late in the game, but I can't believe JK Rowling put "It's not all wandwork" (regarding how to charm the ladies) in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I guess by now she knows she has adult readers (and plenty of them) who she can send some pointed jokes to....

p.p.p.s. Ohmigod, what has the world come to?? Mitt vs. Snowman

p.p.p.p.s. Wow sorry, I know this is an insanely disjointed post. I just had all these little snippets to add! Which probably just means I ought to be doing more regular posting! Hehe.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I still can't believe it was so long ago that we were hanging out in my packed-up Woodbury apartment, watching Bubba Ho-tep and being sad-then-happy (then sad? à la Jimi).

Happy 3 years. ♥

(Sorry, this was kind of an inside-joke kind of post.)

p.s. Also, happy Left Hander's Day to all of those out there! Thanks for reminding me, T -- I actually did remember it was today, I just failed entirely to do anything about it because of an awful day at work. Blah.

Anyway, hope tomorrow is better for everyone out there -- whether or not today was good. :) xoxo

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the plan

Okay, so in September, my plan is to start sticking around Boston on most weekends (I haven't been in the city much this summer) and getting things done as much on the weekends as possible around here, so that I can actually get to bed at a reasonable hour on weeknights!  I can barely seem to stay awake today, it's awful.  I think I need to get more sleep at nights to counteract that.  I'll still do Wednesday nights at SNB (if I can ever make it home in time, once the T is back to normal) and the occasional evening out, but to save both time & money (and my sanity!), I need to stop spreading myself so thin.  And part of that means not quite so much traveling.

Of course, I'm going to NJ this weekend and NH on the 24th, which I probably shouldn't, but I want to.  But, you know.  I plan to start soon. xoxo

Monday, August 06, 2007

quick rant via my phone

I despise whoever it is that thought up stalled bathrooms. I think
they are so dehumanizing, ugh. Why can't we be allowed our privacy?!

this is a test.

i am checking how Blogger Mobile works, because i want to link it with my existing blog. 


Saturday, August 04, 2007

oy vey

You know how sometimes you let something go for so long that you aren't really sure quite how to get back to it?

Well, I'm gonna try. I can't guarantee much because I've been superbusy (Dan: hah!) lately, but I miss everyone & keeping up with all those out there in cyber-land.

I hope all is well with everyone. I will post more soon, but for now, I'm up way too late. xoxo