Friday, August 11, 2006

Bethany posts via me

Haha okay, so I wanted to mention both of these things, too, but Bethany emailed me the other day to remind me that I should:

1. Anisha's new blog! She talks food, and never fails to make my mouth water. Keep an eye out for good things from her. :)

2. Brian & Karl's new CD! Bethany designed the cover, and I must say it looks absolutely fantastic:

And you didn't even see the inside, yet. (And no, she requested that I mention their music, not plug her design work.) It's a great CD -- very low-key but very together, with a fantastic sound. I look forward to more good things from them, too. And, hopefully they'll come play up here sometime soon! (Eh, Sarah K?)

More soon. Have a good Friday night! xoxo

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