Monday, August 14, 2006

don't call me, i'll call you

A quick update:

I went in to speak with a representative at a Verizon store, and I was told that my contract would not automatically or implicitly be renewed if I kept using my phone. Nor would my phone service be shut off. Basically, I would simply be using my phone on a month-to-month basis, with no contract. They told me also that I shouldn't cancel with them if I wanted to port my old # to another provider (and also that I could port my #, even though it's not a local area code, which is very good news).

Sigh. I'm still convinced that they are going to give me a bad deal. Perhaps they'll charge me an arm & a leg for being in a month-to-month contract, who knows. I am going to try to switch over to another company very, very soon, so that I don't have to worry about this much longer. It's almost been keeping me up, nights. Stupid cell phones. How I wish I could live without one entirely, but as it's my only phone, I don't really have the option.

The shitty part is, I don't even really like to talk on the phone all that much. Which is why I'm aiming more for a phone that I can use the internet on, and perhaps get charged by the minute for actual calls so I don't have to have long phone conversations. I feel bad doing that, but it's much more up my alley. I just am not that good being on the phone. I'd much prefer letters or a face-to-face meetup.

In any case, I figure if the worst happens & I am stuck in another Verizon contract, at least I'll get the $100 credit towards a new phone. It's not like I was dying being on a Verzion plan; I just didn't love their customer service or their sneaky business ways (or their business ways, in general). I know I won't find much better anywhere else, but I'm willing to try, especially if that means I can be on a (cheaper?) "family plan" with Dan.

Anyway, enough phone talk. I will write more later on more interesting stuff, I promise! xoxo

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