Wednesday, August 30, 2006

knit extravaganza

In no particular order, many of the things I've finished or am currently working on:

The latest charity baby blanket.

Closeup of the same blanket. I'm now done with the turquoise section & am onto a dark blue section.

Dan's camo socks. The ends have since been woven in.

A rather poorly-done Hello Kitty doll (everyone agrees, it's that the eyes are a bit too far apart, oh well!). This is going to Bethany's friend's new daughter, I believe. My grandmother helped me with some of the embroidery, as I desperately needed it! Haha.

Closer image of the doll, if you're at all interested.

A pair of socks I started on the plane home. They were boringly plain, so I've since ripped them out & restarted (see below).

They just needed a little bit of flair. Not too much, because I wanted the beautiful yarn to be shown off, too, but I thought a bit of cabling would liven things up.

...And there's one more thing I really want to show but can't, yet. You'll probably have to wait till Christmas. :) xoxo

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