Friday, December 17, 2010

long overdue

So I'm in the process of redesigning my blog, so that it doesn't look like it belongs in 2005 (which I believe was the last time I touched the design). It's amazing all the options that are out there these days! (Haha - I sound like an old fogy.)

Speaking of design, I am particularly proud of my new librarianship site: librarianna. Okay, so I didn't do all the design myself, but I LOVE the background (it came with) and I am pround of my cool banner. Haha, I'm such a dork.

Okay, REALLY, going to go do work now. Like, actual productive work.

mid-December already?!

Found this solid lotion snowflake on etsy & thought it was neat! Check it out here

Phew, where DOES the time go?? And I just found out yesterday that I get no Christmas break whatsoever, UGH. Basically, I just finished up my work on the 15th, and I thought that my winter/intersession course didn't start until January 2...officially, it doesn't. But my professor is starting YESTERDAY. And from what I can see of her still somewhat spotty syllabus (I keep hoping she's going to reschedule things, because it currently still looks like a draft), I have assignments due on December 20th and 27th. Whoo - merry Christmas to ME.

Anyway. I also just read this story on Fringe, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Not a big short story person, but something struck a chord, and I thought it was really well written. Since I myself have successfully avoided getting back into writing for years now (grr), I figure the least I can do to support the art is to share a good story. :)

I have to get back to other stuff...I am trying to get some Christmas knitting done, and I WAS working on finishing up my textbooks from this past semester, but it looks like those will have to be put on hold so I can get started on my super intensive winter class. Blah.

This weekend, I'm going to go see It's a Wonderful Life with my godmother; it's her all-time favorite movie, and she knows it by heart. When I saw it was playing here on the big screen, I just couldn't resist calling her & inviting her out for a movie!

Also this weekend is my friend Jenn's big winter craft/art/music event, the Snowball, at which I will be volunteering on Sunday. And Saturday night brings my "wifey" Tanya's holiday party, which is conveniently right down the hall from my apartment in Bristol!

Whew, sounds like a busy weekend now that I put it all down on paper. Tonight? A new knitting group at the Enfield Public Library (yay, I get to see another library) and then my friend's band plays at the Hessian Lion.

I did not mean to make this post so long! Oy. Anyway, I hope YOU all have a wonderful weekend! xo

Friday, December 10, 2010

the home stretch

This semester has been so overwhelming. I cannot believe it's coming to a close. I've learned SO much, and while it's been stressful at times, it's been so worth it. I just hope I did all right! But, for now, there's nothing I can do. Assignments have been turned in, and I'm just now catching up on some of the readings I didn't get around to when I was super swamped. Luckily, there isn't actually that much - this may be the first time EVER that I have finished an entire textbook before the conclusion of a semester! But I've still got 2 others that I need to read a few more chapters in. I wanna do that before I lose my momentum, and get all caught up in actually getting to do leisure activities, such as reading a novel (!), watching some Netflix Instant Watch, and playing WoW. :)

This is all about next week, though - I still have one more class to finish up! Luckily, even though the library science school ends it semester extremely early (most people I know were done with their classwork last week), this one class isn't officially over until the 15th, so it was nice that I got to knock off my other classwork and now have a "leisurely" week in which to finish up the materials I'll be submitting for review. This was one of my favorite library science classes: Digital Archiving. We are working on creating museum-style archival exhibits for the amazing project that is VOICES of September 11, which made for a very emotional but really fulfilling course. Additionally, I got to use some of my mad computer skillz (yes, with a "z") in the class; I hadn't realized how much I'd missed tinkering around with database code!

Anyway...I oughta get back to the work, now - just wanted to check in & say hi. Perhaps more soon...when I'm DONE!


Monday, December 06, 2010

holiday baking

The sisters, mother, and grandmother all got together yesterday to bake a boatload of Christmas cookies:

From Xmas Cookie Baking 2010

(Click the album link below the photo for a few more images, if you're interested.)

Looks delicious, no? :)