Monday, August 07, 2006

several days

Friday: I worked late into the evening, trying to get my two work computers to talk to each other. I was almost literally banging my head against the wall in frustration. Thankfully, Sarah K called at midnight as expected, and she, Karl, Dan, & I all headed over to the People's Republik for a drink & to meet up with Karen. (Of course, we all called Tanya together to wish her a happy birthday around midnight!! 8-5/5-8!) It was a late night (3ish) & we were all wicked exhausted by the time we all got back (sans Karen) to our apartment. I quickly made up the futon for our guests, and we all fell asleep immediately.

Saturday: I got up at 7:15 in order to meet my sister to go Haymarketing. I know, I know, insane (less than 4 hours of sleep!), but we really both wanted to beat the crowds there. Which we did, and picked up some good vegetables in the process. I enjoy that occasional-Saturday-morning ritual with Bethany.

After I returned home, I realized I wasn't all that sleepy, so I spent a few more hours barricaded in the office, trying to figure out the computer problem. Still no luck, so around 10 o'clock, I found Sarah & Karl all ready to go (they were such great guests -- they tidied up after themselves!), and the 3 of us headed over to pick up their car from the lot they'd parked in the night before.

Of course, it couldn't all go smoothly, either -- not with me involved! :) Karl tried to clear a space for his music equipment in the trunk, and unfortunately closed the keys in! So AAA was called, and we hiked over to Theo's to get some takeout for breakfast, as we were all starving. Thankfully, the adventure didn't last long -- by the time the food was ready, the car was unlocked! Hurray! Sarah & Karl drove off to do some Boston things, and I went back home to try to get some more work done.

The day sped by, because before I knew it (perhaps that midday nap helped hurry things along), it was time for me to head over to Sue's to help her with the Raging Grannies banner. That went somewhat successfully (I'm never 100% happy with my own work), and then it was time to rush back to the apartment to pick some stuff up before Dan & I boarded the 7:30 train to Waltham. Kevin (Bethany's fiance) picked us up from the station, and the 4 of us spent the evening eating dinner & watching Venom (a movie I'd never watch (it's a horror flick), except that Bethany's and my high school friend, Pawel, is in it).

Sunday: This was the most exciting day, at least in terms of blogland! :) I was barreling through the Prado on my way to pick some things up at CVS, and lo and behold, someone called my name! I was so shocked I was kind of lost for a second, and then I recognized none other than Christine (and her "boyfriend/partner/whatnot", I believe) sitting on a bench near the fountain. Yay! We finally got to meet in person. We chatted for a bit, and she seems very nice. I am so glad we finally ran into each other. Hopefully this'll be my impetus to finally attend the North End SnB this week, too....

The rest of the day wasn't nearly as novel; I spent most of it reading/napping, and waiting for Karen to call me back about going to see Scoop, although she never did! (Hopefully we can still go see it sometime soon, eh, K?) Last night, Danny & I went out & bought like 7 varieties of cheese & had ourselves a cheese-platter dinner, yum.

Monday: Nothing much to report on yet today, except for the fact that I realized how stupid I've been about my work computers -- I totally forgot that I have a jump drive that I can just copy files onto, from one computer to the other. D'oh. I feel so incredibly stupid. Sigh.

In better news (although that was pretty good news, too, in its own way!), I received a package from my awesome SP8!! I got a few pictures but I can't get any of them off my phone until tomorrow (I've already used up my photo-messaging limit for this billing cycle, which fortunately ends tomorrow!). So, I promise a really fun photo-post tomorrow! :) And thanks, SP8!!

For now, I have lots of work to get done, so I should probably go do that.

Tonight, I have a Boston Knit Out meeting at Borders (check out that website; I've been doing the content updates!).

More later. xo

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Unknown said...

It was good to meet you, too! Although I feel like a bit of a dufus, my social skills are very bad. :P