Tuesday, August 15, 2006

photo extravaganza!

Finally, finally, finally, I've got photos for you of the awesome SP8 package that arrived several days ago! (By the way, thanks Dan for letting me use your camera for this -- so much better than my camera phone, anyway!) So, here we go:

The outside of the package, with some pretty decoration (and, SP8, did I ever express to you how much I love your handwriting? Well, I do. It's so pretty).

A fun (but totally unnecessary) warning underneath the brown paper wrapping -- I think it looked great, and it was tons of fun. You didn't need to apologize! :)

A couple of packages before they were opened (there were 4 of those small rectangles)...

...and, after they were unwrapped. The ginger was awesome -- I've never tried it before! It's already almost all gone. And the adorable little lunch boxes each had fun candies inside: Boston Baked Beans (which I actually had never tried before now, oddly enough -- they're good!), Lemonheads, Red Hots, and Cherry Sours. Yum! I'll have to find something fun to do with the mini lunchboxes.

A beautiful woven bag to add to my collection. Ah, I love bags. I can't wait to use this one!

And last but certainly not least, a huge pile of yarn!! My SP8 wrote that I could either spin it or knit with it as is (I'd guess by spinning, SP8, that the guy meant I could ply it...it appears to be pretty spun already, but then again, I still know so very little about spinning at this point!). It's a fun color, one that I've never worked with before. I can't wait to think up something fun to knit!

Thank you so much for the always thoughtful gifts, SP8. You are great.

Okay, so still no pictures of the 2 pairs of socks, the new scarf, or the new baby blanket, but those will come soon. I'm working on it!! xoxo

p.s. Also, later today, I'll try to get in that review of Microserfs that I've been meaning to write....

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Anonymous said...

I'll defer to you on the spinning lingo, 'cause I certainly don't know much about it at all! All I know is that the roving I sent you can either be knit (I was told that patterns for Lopi would work for this stuff) or made into proper yarn. Whatever you end up doing with it, I hope you have fun! :)