Thursday, August 03, 2006

little miss cloudy day

Last night, Bethany & I met up after work and headed over to Downtown Crossing to catch the free showing of Little Miss Sunshine that was playing at the theater on the Common. Apparently, a ton of other people also had that same idea (I still can't figure out how everyone else knew about that!), however, and so even though we arrived an hour early for the show, we decided we didn't want to wait around in the line that was rapidly extending across the entire theater & out the door. Ugh. Instead, we went and ate dinner, and then hung out in my newly-air-conditioned apartment (we had intended to watch a video, but the A/C was way too loud). I still have high hopes of seeing the movie (it looks very good), but I suppose that'll have to wait until another day. Oh, well!

Currently Reading:

TITLE: Microserfs
AUTHOR: Douglas Coupland

TITLE: Misfortune
AUTHOR: Wesley Stace

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