Monday, August 07, 2006

miss fortune

TITLE: Misfortune
AUTHOR: Wesley Stace

Wow -- it's late & I just finished reading, so I'm ready for bed, but I wanted to make a quick note about this book -- it's very good. I don't read as much Victorian-era (if that's the correct time period) fiction as I should, but I usually do enjoy it when I finally get around to it. This one was no exception, despite that it was published in 2005. What a novel concept (no pun intended) -- when the girls of the NYMBC first explained the basic plot at our last meeting, I was thoroughly intrigued, and eager to start reading. In fear that I will reveal too much, I won't say much more beyond that it is the story of a man who is raised as a woman in the time of lords & ladies & English aristocracy. It's a unique idea, and it works really well. Stace (also known as the musician John Wesley Harding) is a fantastic writer, and he weaves his tale completely believably. He seems to entirely understand the conflict & emotion that all his characters go through, even though in truth, that must be impossible.

I fear that I am rambling uselessly at this point, unfortunately, so I am going to get to bed. I would recommend this book to anyone, particularly those who generally enjoy a good Bronte novel -- but even to those who don't. I think it's a book with real resonance, and such a good story to tell.

Don't let the 500+ pages scare you off. They really do fly by.

Goodnight! xo

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