Wednesday, January 10, 2007

holiday knitting, part 3

Although I've still got some completed-before-Christmas things that I don't yet have pictures of, I wanted to share a couple of scarves that I've just finished up recently. They are both holiday gifts, although the brown one was commissioned again by Bethany for a friend, and neither of us aimed for it to be completed before 2007. (So I'm not late with it! Really!)

I am certainly not the best photographer out there (I didn't get my father's genes in that respect, that's for damn sure!), but I am sure you can all get the general idea:

yarn used: Brown Sheep Company Burly Spun in "Wild Oak"

This purple one is Karen's (finally, finally!), and I took a closeup of the pattern (which is Brooke's Column of Leaves), and then another one in better light to show more accurately the beautiful purple color that I used:

yarn used: Patons Classic Wool Merino in "That's Purple"

I hope they keep their respective owners cozy & stylin', haha! xoxo

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Marsha said...

I can't believe how much holiday knitting you managed to accomplish. When did you start--last March? :) Seems like you were very organized about it!