Monday, January 15, 2007

making our house a home

After 1.5 years here in our place, Dan & I are finally looking into some solid furniture purchases, most notably a couch set that we hope to get from my sister's friend Lisa. While we've made some furniture purchases in the past, this is going to be a big one, especially for me -- I feel like it'll actually make our place feel real, as opposed to temporary. It will incorporate a lot of other changes to our living room space, though, most notably that we've discussed getting entirely rid of our music cabinet (a heavy behemoth of a thing, that we really only use for the speakers & the radio). Dan wants to replace it with wireless speakers; most any kind of music we want to play, we can do through our computers or a computer system (I intend to pick up one of those cassette decks that plays through the computer, especially because I hope to transfer most of my cassettes to digital form!). That will free up a lot of space, but perhaps not enough -- we may have to pass one or two of our living room chairs onto new owners, although hopefully that won't be the case because we like them all. Another thing I've really been pushing for is changing from our current bookcase, which is long and short, to a taller & narrower one -- as my cousin Daniel says, we should take advantage of all of the upward space we have in the house, because we really do have high ceilings! I'd love to be able to fit more books in a smaller space, at least in terms of footprint in our already-crowded living room.

Hmm. Perhaps I'll take some pictures soon to further explain what I mean, as all of this is probably just babble to most of you. I have high hopes, though, of becoming much more of an entertainer once I feel like our house is more comfortable for hosting guests! :) So perhaps most everyone will get a chance to see it sometime soon.

For now, first things first: we need to start finding new homes for an extra set of chairs we've got (I'm currently in the process of Freecycling them) & for our music cabinet. Then, I'll look into moving the futon out, and replacing that with the couch & loveseat. After that, perhaps I can talk Dan into a new bookshelf? Wish me luck with all of this, please! xoxo

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