Thursday, January 04, 2007


I was a thumbsucker myself when I was little, although I don't remember when I stopped, or how. But I certainly was intrigued by this story, both in book form and then when it was made into a film. I just recently finished the novel, which was when I moved the movie to the top of my Netflix queue. I don't think I've ever done that in quite so quick a succession, gone from movie to book. It was quite interesting -- I found myself feeling like I enjoyed or disliked the movie at the drop of a hat, as it followed or did not stick to the book's story, so that was very strange. I think I would have very much enjoyed the movie without ever having opened the book, but it definitely added an interesting layer to the viewing.

Ultimately, though, the movie made me like it, in and of itself. I just adored the soundtrack (performed by The Polyphonic Spree & Elliott Smith) that swept the movie along, and the cinematography was also something to take note of. I am a big fan of Vincent D'Onofrio, and he didn't disappoint. While I do like Vince Vaughn, though, I was surprised to see him in the role he performed, and I didn't think he was exactly right for the part -- although I have to make the point that I imagined the teacher wholly differently while I was reading the book, so that probably influenced things -- I do think he did a very good job with the part he had in the movie. Arg, it is so difficult to separate the two!

I look forward to hearing what Sarah K has to say about the movie when she sees it, as I don't believe she intends to read the book beforehand. I'd love to hear that perspective, because it really did get inextricably tied together for me, and I can't figure out if that negatively or positively influenced how much I enjoyed the film.

In any case, I didn't love either the book or the movie, but they were good pieces of art, in my opinion. Just not life-changing or mind-expanding, is all. Good stories, that I'll probably remember for a while and then maybe begin to forget. Which is just fine; everything I've ever read or watched sticks with me to some extent, I believe, and I like how that works.

In other news, I'm thisclose to being done with the scarf I've been working on! I am going to go finish the last few rows. xoxo

p.s. I just read in the IMDb trivia that Scarlett Johansson was originally cast for girlfriend part that later went to Kelli Garner; wow. I think that would have immensely changed the movie -- not necessarily for better or for worse, but it would have been an entirely different animal. Interesting.

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