Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's alive!

I always thought I had the least green thumb ever; I almost always kill every single houseplant I bring home, unless I can manage to bring it to my parents' house in time so that my father can nurse it back to health (and ultimately keep it). However, of all things, I have somehow managed to cultivate what people say is one of the most difficult houseplants to keep alive -- an orchid. It's just started budding again:

Maybe there's something to that whole "labor of love" thing -- Dan brought it home for me last Valentine's Day, so it could be that I have some kind of subconcious desire to really keep it thriving. But, with that superstition in mind, I dread the day that the plant starts dying! :(

I'll just keep my fingers crossed (and my plant watered). xoxo

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