Saturday, January 20, 2007

adieu, my dear NHC...

Oh nooo; it makes me so very sad to see institutions such as the New Haven Coliseum being taken down. I saw my first real concert there: the Smashing Pumpkins (♥), in 1995. I don't so much remember the Coliseum itself, but I'll definitely never forget that night.

The systematic removal-of-my-teenage-institutions continues, following the shutdown of the El N Gee (although they did revive that), and the loss of Radio 104, to name but a few. Le sigh.

Well, I'll soldier on. Hopefully this bittersweetly nostalgiac moment isn't indicative of the rest of the weekend! xoxo

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TITLE: Everything Bad Is Good For You
AUTHOR: Steven Johnson

TITLE: Cunt: A Declaration of Independence
AUTHOR: Inga Muscio

TITLE: The Dirty Girls Social Club
AUTHOR: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

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