Wednesday, January 03, 2007

holiday knitting, part 1

Well, I had hoped to do a big Holiday Knitting Extravaganza! post, but it looks like that is not meant to be. I'd rather post the couple of photos that I do have (thanks, Dad!) than wait for everything. It's okay, though -- makes for more knitting posts! :)

Here, then, is the reversible (double-knit) star scarf I knit for Tanya:

(pattern here)

And here is Sarah K's entrelac (Danica) scarf:

(pattern here)

That's it, for now, anyway! I'm off to make some lasagna for dinner. xoxo

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Marsha said...

That double-knit scarf looks fabulous! I'm thinking about making one, too. How much yarn did you use? I see that the pattern calls for about 170 yards each of two different colors of worsted weight--is that really enough to make a scarf with a decent length (i.e., one full neck wraparound, with tails that are long enough to hang down and stay put)?