Monday, October 03, 2005

it's like TKO, but different

The Boston Knit Out happened yesterday, and set-up went well. We were done well before noon (which is when the event acutally started), so Dan & I went back to our apartment and hung out for a bit. I put the finishing touches on the 2 scarves I had knitted this past week to donate to the hospital (they were sponsoring a scarf-design contest, but all scarves - entries or not - that were handed in would be given to the hospital, so I wanted to help/use up some extra yarn that my mother and I have had lying around for a while). In any case, I was kinda proud of these little misfit scarves (they definitely aren't the best knitting job I've ever done, but they will be cute - if a bit weird - and functional, so that's all that matters to me).

Without further ado, here's the child-sized scarf I knitted:

and the "adult" one:

All right, back to work for now! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

oh im really glad that TKO went well! it seemed like such a cool event, and i'd do something like that, if only i knew how to knit/crochet. your scarves are beautiful! (but then again i am the untrained eye..) ;) seriously, if i were one of those lucky children, id be more than happy to wear anything homemade than from a sweatshop! thanks so much for the birthday wishes, too! we'll party when i come up to Boston! ..i responded back to your comment on my page, too! love ya!
- Sarah