Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just wanted to post quickly about the upcoming Boston Knit Out that is going to take place this Sunday, October 2, on the Common (rain or shine). Dan & I (I roped him in for a few hours of labor) are going to be doing set-up, but I plan to stop back later on in the day to check it out. Nothing is actually for sale at the event (save for promotional t-shirts and tote bags); it is meant as a chance for people who have always had an interest (or just developed one!) in learning to knit or crochet to get a chance to take a stab at it and see how they like it (there will be group lessons available on-site for varying ages & abilities - I believe that they are all free to the public). There will be booths from many yarn vendors on site, and they will be displaying the wares that their stores have for sale so that people can visit them and pick up something they saw and liked, later on. I really like the idea that it's all about supporting the local yarn shops and other such ventures, which (while knitting and crocheting are really gaining a new popularity these days) still probably don't get as much business as they could use. I hate to see a struggling local yarn shop go under, especially a good one! If you are a knittier/crocheter/curious person, definitely stop by if you get a chance! Sunday, 12-4pm. See you there! xoxo

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