Thursday, October 13, 2005

hey, nice package

The most interesting piece of reading I've happened across in a long time...I could spend hours with this:

It's a list of all of the things that cannot be mailed to certain countries...apparently you can't send any merchandise whatsoever to North Korea (what a surprise). Italy won't allow any haberdashery whatsoever - that means NO clothes of any kind. Nor will it allow live bees, or bells. Russia prohibits color copiers and any printed matter that "could be detrimental to State security", while Kiribati bans "Dyestuffs obtained from coal tar" from entering through the postal service (what??).

Ah, the list could go on & on...but, I'll let you check things out for yourself, if you are interested. It's funny that I've never looked at those lists before - I do a lot of mailing - but I guess since the only places I've posted to outside of the U.S. are France, England, Namibia, and Japan, I wouldn't have had much occasion to. Ah, well. I've been sufficiently amused for the evening.

Which would have been good, as I was planning on going to the DMV tonight to get my MA license, but I'm bailing out - I'm not up for dealing with lines & bureaucracy at the moment. Maybe next Thursday. xoxo

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