Monday, October 31, 2005

keyhole scarf

Okay, so I like to share my knitting accomplishments - I made this scarf (here's the free pattern from ChicKnits) on Saturday while I was watching a stupid movie on StarzTicket:

It's got a hole so that one end of the scarf can be stuck through it to create a more secure tie around the neck - here it is, in action:

It's one of the quickest things I've ever knitted, and it's very easy. Plus, it takes only one skein of yarn and looks pretty good. I'll have to see what people think of them...perhaps they will become Christmas presents for some of my friends...! Or at least presents - I like making things for my loved ones. :)

Anyway, I want to go read a bit more, but maybe I'll add more later on today. xoxo

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