Friday, October 14, 2005

tank top

Hurrah! I finally, finally finished the tank top that I started knitting very early in September...I had to take a break there to knit a few scarves for the Boston Knit Out, and so it took me a while to pick it up again...I tend to get this unreasonable fear that I'll pick up the knitting & have no idea where I left off, and have to restart the entire thing. Thankfully, that didn't happen this time! :)

Instead, I continued working and finally finished sewing the seams (one of my least favorite parts of any project) late last night. I am rather disappointed with how it turned out - from the picture where I got the pattern (at White Lies Designs online, I had hoped it would be much more, well, "shapely". I wanted a closer, more svelte fit, but it feels loose and rather frumpy on me. Oh, well. Maybe I can give it away as a present or donate it. For me, I like having a finished product, but it's more about the process of the project itself than it is about whether or not I hold onto the piece when I'm done.

Well, I wanted a few pictures last night (I still haven't finished weaving all the loose ends in, but I just couldn't wait to try it on!), so I had Dan take one:

and I took one:

Not fantastic (sorry for the armpit shot in there, and the blurriness!), but, they give you the idea. And I'm proud of my tank top! Even if it is a bit dowdy...

All right, must go do work now, though! xoxo

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