Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bush is back!

The Gavin Rossdale flavor, not the presidential one(s).

Well, kind of.

I know this is somewhat old news, but Gavin's new band, Institute, released an album in mid-September. I was just picking up some old newspapers to throw them in the recycling bin, and my eye was caught by a picture in the Boston Globe, captioned with the news about Institute (although they mistakenly called the band "Institution" - I wonder if there was a correction made on a later date, although I've no way of finding out).

I've been listening to their album (available for your aural pleasure on their website), and I'm kinda digging it! So far I've heard only one or two songs, but it's not bad. Especially, I'd say, for fans of Bush. I can't say I was a huge one, but I did have a soft spot for Glycerine, I'll admit. :)

More later. xoxo

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