Wednesday, October 19, 2005

some good things

Yesterday night, Dan and I went to see Greta Garbo on the big screen, which was so great! We saw Flesh and the Devil, which was fabulous - The Brattle is showing several of Garbo's films during the month of October, as a Centennial Tribute. It was definitely one of the best silent films I've ever seen. And it was exciting to get to see it in a real theater!

This morning, I got some good news from Vonage - I had kind of given up on hearing back from them regarding the refund they had promised me for returning their system hardware, but this morning I got an email from one of the customer service reps who told me that as of July 2005, they had officially ceased to give refunds to people who mail the stuff back...but, since I was misinformed, I would be cut a check. Woot!

I'll definitely have to return to Vonage if I ever decide to go landline again. I probably won't, but hey, who knows what the future holds in terms of phone service...

And, in other fun news, the bookshelves that Dan & I ordered from IKEA arrived this morning, too! Yay! Now I can finally clear up all of those cartons and stacks of books that are cluttering up our living room. Yay, organization... :) (I really do believe I have a mild-ish form of OCD - ask Dan, he'll back me up on that one, I'm sure! haha) Anyway, hopefully we'll get to set those up tonight, after I get back from my seaming workshop at Circles.

(I had to leave one of the 2 big boxes containing part of our bookshelves downstairs in the building's foyer, because I couldn't carry it upstairs by myself...I hope the rest of the building doesn't tar & feather me for it!! Shhhh...maybe they won't notice the huge carton in their way when they come home...)

All right, more work needs to get done today, pronto. Ciao! xoxo

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