Tuesday, October 04, 2005

i'm not sore!

Last night, Dan and I went to our first self-defense class - we've signed up for a month-long, twice-weekly course at the local martial arts school, here in the North End. We did some pretty intense strength training - I mean, we weren't bench-pressing or anything, but for a girl who hasn't been able to do much exercise in the past couple of years, the repeated punches & kicks we were doing in order to learn the technique (and then hone it) were a bit of a strain on some of the muscles I haven't really used in a while. But, I dunno, maybe it's because of the five flights of stairs we have to climb to get to our apartment, combined with the copious amounts of walking that we do while in the city (not that I mind either! I love the "exercise"), but I am really feeling fine this morning, which wasn't quite what I expected. (But, again, I'm hardly complaining!) I am really looking forward to taking some good tips & techniques away from this class - being the weak, little girl that I am, it'd be nice to feel even a little bit more certain of myself when I am walking around alone at night. Not that I tend to do that often, but it happens. And I'm sure there'll be plenty of times when I can't avoid it. So, I'd much rather know where & how to fight back, if need be. Y'all better watch out!! Heehee. xoxo

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