Saturday, July 16, 2005

une baguette

Sitting here watching the most TV I have seen in god knows how long. Saw a really bad Crocodile Dundee movie this morning, then a couple of episodes of Full House, and now it's Short Circuit! Heh at least it's a good geeky movie to keep busy with. Besides, what else is there to do?? It's soooo hot here! Ugh.

So yeah. Last night Dan, Aaron, Nickhi, and I drove over to the Waterbury Barnes & Noble so that Nickhi could pick up her copy of the latest Harry Potter book. I guess I'll read a copy eventually, but I can definitely wait, heh. Dan and I went because we had nothing better to do, and then ended up wandering over to the TGI Friday's nearby to get drunk and eat steak while we waited, heehee. Fun night. Even picked up a free green plastic bracelet that read "July 15, 2005", and Dan got a pair of black plastic HP glasses, that I managed to promptly break (sorry!).

(Harry Potter always reminds me of when I read the first book in French (when I was living there). For the longest time I thought that, instead of wands, they were using long sandwiches - the word for "wand" in French is baguette, which makes sense because those kinds of breads are very long, well...wands. Haha.)

I'm currently trying to write some long-overdue letters to a couple of my friends, but that's going slowly. Too damn hot to really think straight, ugh. I think I'm gonna go veg out some more. Kisses.

Currently Reading:
TITLE: The Overspent American
AUTHOR: Juliet B. Schor

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