Friday, July 08, 2005

feeling better.

I just finally finished watching Camp on StarzTicket (couldn't finish it last night because my computer kept dropping the download connection), which was not a fabulous movie (storyline- or acting-wise), but has some fantastic performance numbers. And I'm not a huge musical theater fan! But I was really impressed by these kids. Hope they are all out there & doing well still. Most of them don't have extensive IMDb bios, but I'm sure they are probably doing a lot of Broadway or something, with their singing and dancing talents.

Anyway, today was a rough day and I was easily distracted from work for various reasons, but I had a nice talk with Mom after dinner, and then Jen and I went out to Avon to run a few errands together - I love that girl! She always manages to make me feel tons better. And she never fails to get a laugh out of me. :) Dozens, in fact! Heehee. So we hit Marshalls (I bought a t-shirt that says "Tart - like lemonade" and strawberry vanilla tea, yummy), CVS (needed to buy a mailing envelope for BookCrossing and birthday cards for Viv & Bhav!), Cosi (Vanilla Artic coffee, mmm), and attempted to go to Banana Republic (I need at least one if not two wedding dressed for this summer/fall! eep!), but it was closed. I love doing things like that with Jen, because we can talk no matter where we are, and she is a great person to shop with! Especially since I don't really like to shop in the first place - she gives wonderful advice and we always manage to get in & out of stores quickly! :)

In any case, despite the all the fun I had tonight, I was still incredibly worried about how things were with Danny, but I finally got ahold of him and he not only doesn't hate me but he still loves me, so I am relieved about that. I think we still have a few things to work out, but we love each other and I hope that means we can always work through things, as a team. Like Jen and I were saying earlier, what's most important to find in the person you love is companionship - you need to know that once all the initial attraction has worn off you are still going to be best friends, and will stick by each other for the rest of your lives. Y'know? Not that (hopefully) the attraction wears off entirely, but really I think what makes a relationship solid and lasting is when you see the person as your other half, your complement, your foundation. I dunno. That's at least how I see the relationships I take example from, such as my parents. And I love Daniel like that. He makes me a better person, and I feel like I can tell him anything & everything. I've never felt that way about a boyfriend before. I've never been this comfortable. Is that what love is?

Who knows.

Anyway, as a funny side note, I learned today (from this site's "manifesto" that Revlon makes a lotion called Revolotion. Haha I love great plays on words like that. What was the other one we were talking about the other day? Hmm. OH - Dan and I were talking about these clever right-wing ice cream names, I'll have to look them up & post them on here. Because while I'm no fan of the Bush camp, I won't hesitate to nod in the direction of an excellent play on words, whatever their political bent. :)

Oh, and I was on that site because I was making certain of the phrase "congratulations are in order" (my friend Jenny just finished defending her thesis & got her masters, whoo!) because while I always guess the right one, I never feel certain. Check out this thread for what appears to be the poster's definitive answer.

Okay, off to finish this damn book (see below)! I haven't had much time to read lately but I am SO ready to finish this one!! Not my favorite, but I guess it was entertaining enough. I'm looking forward to starting another one of the books on my teetering stacks soon, though...

Edit:Here's the ice cream site (Star Spangled Ice Cream), but I hope you aren't about to boost their sales! I only take appreciation-of-cleverness so far! Haha.

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