Wednesday, July 20, 2005

go in peace, Mr. Biscuit...

Okay, so I knew I was pretty gullible, but I never realized how much! Apparently when I was around age 15, someone told me that "Pax vobiscum" means "Go in peace, Mr. Bisuit"...or I heard it somewhere, whatever. In any case, I had forgotten all about it, but I found a piece of paper with that "translation" written on it, so I decided to Google it today to see what the deal was. Turns out it means something like "Peace be with you" in the plural sense. Aw, that's so boring! Oh, well. I understand now why I tend to take everything with a grain of salt, these days...I've kind of been trained into it! Haha.

Also, speaking of "haha", check out the Wikipedia definition (they pop up on the latest version of Trillian when you hover over any underlined word!) of that phrase: "An onomatopaeia of the English language to mimic the rough sound of human laughter. Often used in instant message chats to express laughter. Haha has found increasing usage in SMS messages between cell phone users to express the same. Can also be expressed as hahaha. Additional ha's can be added to the root haha to express an increase in laughter duration." Heh! Sometimes I also use "additional ha's" to express the intensity of my laughter. I prefer it to "lol" because I don't really like those little "shortcuts" that have developed in IMs, like "r" and "u" for "are" and "you". But anyway. Gotta go. Ciao for now!

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