Wednesday, July 20, 2005

haven't i read this before?

So I'm really, really confused right now. Last night, I spent about a half hour before bed reading the first 50 pages or so of Test of the Twins (it's a really fast read; I'm not normally that good!), trying to ignore the strange nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I had read it before. I put it aside to go to sleep, but this morning I spent almost an hour scanning the book to see if I recognized plot points - but all of it sounded, weirdly, vaguely but not solidly familiar. (I think a lot of it is because there are something like 8 or 9 books now that have the same characters or their descendents, and thus I can't ever really keep everything clear.) I even dug out my old "Books Read" list from last year - that starts on January 4, 2004 - to check whether I had written the book down, since I could have sworn I've read it before, but nothing. And the book wasn't published until 2004! I mean, it's still in the "New Releases" section of the library! So, when in the world did I read it??! I am going slightly crazy because of this puzzle. It makes no sense. Who would I have borrowed it from? And when?

Not many people even know that I read the Weiss/Hickman Dragonlance books. I don't admit it to or share that secret a lot (although I guess I just did, now, heh). So I am kind of distressed by this big mystery, as you can tell.

The last chapter of the book, and several plot points, were DEFINITELY familiar. And I can't imagine that the authors would employ things like that twice, so I'm something like 95% certain I've read the book already. ...But I've no idea!!

Otherwise, last night I had a ton of fun going through some of my old things...Mom & I are "purging" - trying to get rid of a lot of the crap that we've managed to collect over the years of living in this house. I know I need to do that, because the last time we did a real, thorough cleaning was when my parents had us pack all of our stuff into boxes and store them upstairs, to clear out our rooms for guest rooms. But at the time, I was still too closely tied to my high school years, so I felt the need to hold on to ticket stubs and programs and notes and the like. Now, I'm much less attached - in fact, I've found a lot of things already that I wonder why I even held on to them, what their sentimental significance was. It's sad that I've kind of forgotten, but on the other hand, it's really nice to be able to clear a lot of stuff out! I don't need those tangible things to hold on to the memories, you know?

All right, I have to go get back to work - and to the frustrated feeling about that book that I could swear I've already read! Ugh, oh well. I'll keep you posted if I remember!! (For now, I don't plan to reread it, though.)

And lastly, happy birthday, Daddy!

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