Thursday, July 14, 2005

lots of random stuff

As I told Kristen earlier, today I realized today when I was looking at the Carbonleaf website just how much I love Irish guys...I have always found myself inexplicably attracted to almost every Irish boy I've ever come across...who knows why! But it definitely explains my thing for Casey Affleck, I'd say. And good thing Danny's half Irish. :)

Although I feel the strong urge to point out that Bono never really did it for me.

But tell me, is it really weird that I find the author of Sasser kinda cute? Okay, it's probably just because he's a huge computer geek, but he's also got a nice face. And, hey, c'mon, he did say that he wrote & released that worm in order to catch & stop viruses that were already out he sounds like he could be a good kid, or at least have good intentions. Hey, not all of us genius computer geeks are bad people! Haha kidding, I'm not nearly that smart. But still. He doesn't seem like a bad kid. It just sounds like it backfired, unfortunately.

Anyway, in other news, Katie Holmes has definitely gone crazy. Ugh. As Tool says, "Fuck L. Ron Hubbard and fuck all his clones."

And I have told my father to never, never send me games at work again. He emailed me a link to The Crimson Room the other day, and I spent so much of that workday completing that and the two other rooms, ugh! I am so easily distracted as it is. Games don't help!

I have started to look into things I want to get involved in when I move back to Boston. I really would like to feel like I'm connected to there again, especially because my work will still be in CT. I already heard back from the CodePink girl that I emailed, yay! I also tried to get in touch with the director of the Massachusetts Youth and Government program, since I had such a great time doing that in high school. I really want to try to get involved as an advisor, so I can help high school kids now get as much out of it as I did. (Okay, granted, I probably really loved it my senior year because I met a boyfriend, but...haha. No really, as much as I hate goverment, I really love the procedure of it. All the rules, and being able to break them, heh! Especially when I was majority leader of the House, wow...anyway, I'm digressing into many other stories which probably shouldn't be told here. Let's move on.)

Lastly, recently I found this place called Rosie's (a shelter for women) that I would love to volunteer at! I'm going to look into contacting someone about getting involved there sometime soon. Or when I move. Whatever. :)

Okay, I'm on the phone with Jen right now, and then I want to read some more. So...I'm gonna get going for now. More soon! <3

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