Wednesday, July 27, 2005

...and begin Vonage cancellation hell.

My boss bought his son and I (we lived together in Ithaca) a Vonage line that I could use for work & Dave for personal use. Of course, it went on my credit card (not sure why). I don't mind, whatever - only $8-9 a month, and I was supposed to be reimbursed, so okay. But now it's time to cancel the service...I have heard from several online sources that now begins Cancelling Vonage Hell. It started for real, I suppose, a month or so ago - I telephoned customer service asking how to cancel, and the woman I spoke with (she was very friendly!) gave me a number to call on the day I wanted to cancel it.

Today, I called that number, and spoke with yet another very friendly man. He took my contact number and said that since the average wait time is about 20+ minutes, a representative from "account management" would call me back at my number very soon (so I wouldn't have to hang out on hold on the line). Seemed nice of them.

That was at 11:10 this morning. It's now 1:36pm.

I will keep this updated on how the cancellation goes, because I have heard it's a nightmare - charges, hassles, the works. I can't understand why a company would want to estrange customers that they could potentially get back someday! Well, if this is bad, I definitely would never consider Vonage again, period. Not that I really wanted to in the first place, but we will ignore that part.

I'll post more later on other stuff, but I had to get this down, to mark the beginning. Let's see how long this takes. (Oh, and I promise I WILL be vocally anti-Vonage to anyone considering VOIP service if this really does end up sucking!)

Time so far: 2 hours, 22 minutes

p.s. Cancelling with Roadrunner internet service, on the other hand, couldn't have been more pleasant. What a contrast. Friendly and helpful and immediate! Thank you,! :)

p.p.s. This waiting is keeping me from visiting my grandfather who is in the hospital today, since I don't want to be out if they call back. NOT COOL.

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