Wednesday, July 27, 2005

that's too bad

Just read this in One-Night Stands with American History:

"When the Pilgrims arrived in America in 1620, they immediately committed an un-American act -- at least, one that would be so viewed later on. Desiring to create a just and equal society, they established a communist economy. The early colonists remained committed to communism for several years, until they finally decided that it was inefficient. Their switch to capitalism was a defeat of sorts, since it implied the inability of men to work hard for the common good without individual incentive."

Greed always seems to have to get in the way, huh? Ugh.

(Also, I must point out that I just read on the bookjacket that Richard Shenkman is a Vassar grad! I have read another of his books before; I can't believe I didn't realize that fact last time. But hey I always felt there was some kind of bond between us...haha. Well, I mean, you have to be something like, say, a very cool Vassar graduate to write the books he writes, which are generally neat collections of little-known historical facts like the one above. ;) Anyway, well done, fellow alum!)

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