Monday, July 18, 2005

into the wild...

Sarah, Liam, and I had a blast releasing some books into the wild yesterday night! We met up at Liam's apartment in Farmington and then drove around to West Hartford and New Britain, leaving books at bus stops, coffee shops, etc. It's so weird how much like criminals we felt! I hate that feeling - we are GIVING something away for free, and yet we feel like we have to be sneaky. I think a large part of that feeling stems from all of the heightened security that we have been put through in this country since September 11, 2001. From that day forward, we've watched our country turn from a fairly open-minded place to a hotbed of something akin to a police state! With the Patriot Act, it's like our country has some kind of carte blanche to do whatever they want to any of us, all under the protective blanket of the Act. If they choose, for example, to arrest us for suspicion of leaving bombs somewhere (which really were innocent little books, that wanted to get out and see the world!) then it seems that they would have every right to prosecute, saying that we had endangered our fellow Americans. Ugh.

That was really poorly worded and I didn't nearly say all I wanted to up there, but that last paragraph taught me a very valuable lesson: never journal while listening to music, Arianna. See, I was listening to a bit of Against Me!, because Dan and I are going to see them and Green Day (one of his favorite bands and one of my favorite bands, respectively) play in Boston right after we move up there! Yay! So I was in the mood to listen to Cavalier Eternal and a few other songs, but realized how incredibly distracting that was while trying to articulate my thoughts. So it looks like the boys'll just have to wait till I'm done with this.

Really, I'm pretty much done, anyway, though. Today was rather uneventful. Worked at home, went to visit Grandpa in the hospital again today (he was groggy because we woke him up, but it seems like he might go back home soon!), worked some more, and then had dinner with Sarah & Liam. They stopped by because it's the last chance Sarah'll have to see Mom & Dad before they leave for Kenya next weekend! I hope they have an incredible time. I wish I were going... :)

But, almost as nice, I get to housesit with Danny for a week and a half while they are gone! I love having the place to myself...I don't think it'll matter how old I get or how many of my own places I have, I still really enjoy being on my own at my parents' house. Maybe part of it is that I feel so grown up. Maybe that means I'll stop feeling that way when (if!) I own my own house someday. ...We'll see!

Anyway, I'll leave you with a really cute (if rather raunchy) joke that Danny told me the other night, and that I have since been passing on to anyone who wants to hear it - it's one of my new favorites, haha!

Q: Why did Barbie dump Ken?
A: Because he came in a different box.

Heh, all right. I am sorry my life isn't more exciting. But I don't mind. I always manage to amuse myself, as you can see...and for now, that's all I need!

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