Thursday, June 29, 2006

stay golden, Miss Ashu

This morning, while editing one of Dan's posts on Puritan City, I realized I wasn't quite sure if one uses hyphens to connect the phrase "reporter cum singer" (a little rephrasing was necessary, for this example) or not. I figured some research was in order, so I was all prepared to type "cum" into Google...until I realized that might not be the best idea...haha.

Yesterday was pretty crazy, as Bethany and I hosted our friend Ashu's good-bye party (she moves to NYC this weekend, sob!). You might be asking yourself: "But how did you both host? You don't live with your sister." Good question. We started off with dinner at Bethany's place, and then moved the party down the street to my roof deck (which was the originally-planned location) when we realized the imminent threat of thunderstorms wasn't quite so imminent....

So yesterday I ran a few errands at lunchtime and then a few more right after work, and then settled in for an evening of cooking: brownies (from a box), fantastic peanut butter & Snickers cookies, Green Beans Dijon. There was also supposed to be a fritatta in there somewhere, but as I didn't have enough eggs & thus wasn't able to start it until I got to Bethany's apartment (and saw the copious amounts of food already there), we decided it'd be better to scrap that plan. Despite all of that work, I still managed to only be about 1/2 hour late to the party, and joined everyone for pizza fondue, yum. Then we packed up all of our desserts and attempted to finish the party on my roof, although I hadn't prepared at all -- so the chairs were wet & dirty, there were no working lights (the strung lights I had put up there weren't working anymore, damn them), and the candles wouldn't stay lit (but at least that part wasn't my fault, it was the wind's!). Despite all that, everyone claimed to have had a great time, so yay. I was disappointed that we didn't get to play any games (I love board games), but I was so exhausted by the time everyone left & I had cleaned up, that maybe it was better that way!

I ate way too much, of course. And am still consuming the leftovers bit by bit throughout the day. And I'm so going to miss Sunday night My So-Called Life watchings at Ashu's place! Le sigh.

Tonight: Sally's going-away "party" at Amanda's. Gah, why is everyone leaving me?!? Well, at least they're both going to be in NYC, so I can visit them (and a few other friends there) relatively easily ("Fung Wah, $15!" as Patrick would say).

I should get back to work for now, though. xoxo

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TITLE: Fresh Lipstick: Redressing Fashion and Feminism
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