Friday, June 09, 2006

my SP8 is great!

Oh, no! I can't forget to thank my SP8 quickly, as I've been meaning to! She sent along an awesome package -- a beautiful gold-foil chocolate box (the detail is hard to see there, sorry)

containing some fantastic Dutch candy (and a postcard)!

Sorry the pictures are blurry; I'd take more, but I've already eaten half of the stuff, hehe. Anyway, on the left are Hopjes, which are these amazingly yummy coffee-flavored hard candies. I can't stop eating them; they are addictive. At first I saw them & thought "hmm, coffee-flavored candies...I like coffee okay, but I'm not sure I'll love the candies..." and I popped one in my mouth...and haven't been able to stop, since! :)

On the right are Dutch black licorice candies, which I have to admit I haven't yet tried (sorry!). I don't love black licorice, but my mother just adores it, and I was thinking it'd be a perfect time to bring her some treats, as she is a first grade teacher, and report-card-writing time is fast approaching! I do fully intend to try one of the candies when she opens them (I'll give everything a fair shake), but I am not usually a black licorice fan. I should have mentioned that in my survey, SP8, sorry! I'll remember that for next time, but really I just love the foreign candies idea -- it's uncanny that you seem to know how much I appreciated (and felt the urge to purchase & bring home) just about every candy that was even slightly different from American candy while I was abroad (both in Europe & in Japan)! You seem to know me well, without ever having met me...I love it! :) (But am I really that much of an open book online? Eep! Haha.)

Anyway, well done. I am already trying to figure out how I might be able to get myself several more bags of those Hopjes!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

No worries about the black licorice--I can't stand the stuff myself. :) But while pondering what to bring you from the Netherlands, I couldn't think of any candy more quintessentially Dutch than salted black licorice. If you absolutely hate it, I won't be at all offended. But at least you'll have another thing to add to the "interesting things I've eaten" list!

--SP8 :)