Monday, June 19, 2006

"C" meme

Sarah gave me this meme a long time ago, and I have finally gotten around to doing it:

Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. [Not necessary, even if you comment. Let me know if you want one, that's all.] Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why. Once I give you a letter, post this in your own journal!!!

  1. CodePink and the CPBC -- both of which have taken up a lot of my life recently!! But I love it (mostly).

  2. Classics -- both books & movies. I enjoy them, and always mean to read/see more. But what exactly is a classic?

  3. Cold -- oh, how I wish it was... (Not TOO cold, mind you. Just less than 90 degrees would be nice!)

  4. Cards -- I love to send my friends fun birthday cards & letters.

  5. Code -- need I even explain this one? A very, very big part of my life. I heart computers.

  6. Care Bears -- they're coming back! I've always loved them. I had a stuffed Sunshine Bear.

  7. Considerate -- I wish more people embodied this adjective. I try to. I realize it's not always possible.

  8. Caitlin -- a good friend, who I don't see nearly enough of.

  9. Candide -- a fantastic book -- that I've mostly forgotten, and really ought to read again. "In this, the best of all possible worlds..." (Which also reminds me of being yearbook editor in high school...but only Renee would get that reference.)

  10. Candy -- always welcomed, always enjoyed. :)

Okay, thanks for humoring me on that one! xoxo

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oakland heidi said...

I also have a thing for care bears, I was SO in to the cartoon.

Do I get a letter???