Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweet Wednesday

A-ha! You thought (hoped?) I had disappeared, hadn't you? But, never fear, I am always here! Just sometimes more here than others....

It was a busy past weekend; I'll recap quickly:

Friday night, we went to see An Inconvenient Truth at the Coolidge. About 20 minutes into the showing, the fire alarm went off. People (finally) slowly herded out the door -- into the rain, of course. After about 15 minutes of standing around getting wet, they told us all to retain our ticket stubs, and that we'd be able to redeem them for another showing in the future. Not sure when that'll be yet, but I do fully intend for that to happen -- it was looking very promising, so far!

Saturday, I had a fun breakfast with Jess, but unfortunately the library's book sale had been rained out (postponed till next weekend -- when a zillion other things are happening!). I spent the morning watching Saving Face on Vongo (I thought it was a great movie) and knitting, which distracted me enough that I didn't look up until about noon...and we had reserved discounted tickets to see The Break-Up for 12:15! So we cabbed over to the theater (effectively nullifying the free ticket I had gotten us), but managed to catch the movie, which was cute but left me pretty cold...I felt like I didn't take anything from it, no lesson or anything.

I'll add more later about Sunday-Tuesday! For now, stay dry! xoxo

p.s. I received an awesome package from my SP8 this weekend! I'll post photos when I have my camera (which is also my phone) back...(more on that, later!). Thanks, though, SP8! :)

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