Sunday, July 02, 2006

thanks, SP8!

This weekend was nice & laid-back, which I desperately needed (although as always I didn't get done tons of things that needed to get done...). But on Saturday when we were leaving the house to go to Downtown Crossing, I did receive a fabulously excellent present from my SP8! It smelled strongly of pine, so I was very curious to rip it open. A postcard of the Crater Lake National Park described exactly what was inside, so I'll show them to you in that order:

First, was the wrapping job itself -- so fun! I clearly appreciate cleverly-wrapped packaging, and the tissue paper & cute bows were great. However, I had to kind of shove some wrapping & a bow back on because I realized I wanted to take a "before" picture of the package, so if that looks a little sloppy in the photo, it's not my awesome SP8's fault! It's mine. :)

Next was the reason for the beautiful odor emanating from the package: a bar of handcrafted soap made my Ellen April of PA. Mmm...I wish I could share that scent with all of you.... I can't wait to use it!

Aw, adorable cat socks! My SP8 was trying to make me feel better cuz I don't have a kitty of my own! :) I of course can't use the socks for a little while (unless the soap -- called "Snow on Cedars" -- actually does manage to cool me off! hehe), but I am looking forward to the cooler weather come this fall. These will certainly keep my toes toasty then! Fun.

And lastly, such cool cards!! I didn't get a picture of all of them (there are 3 different designs), but they are all of the woman's silhouette holding some yarn and wearing a knitted garment. SO fun! I think my SP8 figured out that I love to send & receive mail...hrm...wonder how she figured that one out! ;)

Anyway, well done and THANKS, my fantastic SP8! You rock.

For now, it's almost bedtime (work tomorrow, for me!), but more from me anon. xoxo

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