Wednesday, June 28, 2006

no. 9?

I am currently enjoying a cup of brown rice tea that the guy at Ueno Sushi pressed on me (as a gift) the other night, when I was eating dinner by myself...I think it's probably the influence of all those cheesy 80's movies, but I have this (not really) suspicion he saw me eating alone & thought he should give me a love potion or something, hehe.

It is helping me feel a bit better, though. Yay, tea.


Unknown said...

I recognized you because of the photos on your blog.

If you do want to stop by the Beanstock, we're there Weds. 6pm-8pm. Sometimes even weekend mornings.

Unknown said...

You do look a little differnet in person than on the blog - I agree, everyone does - but your only excuse for not recognizing me (with my gray cat's eyes glasses and new do) is that you weren't looking. :P