Monday, April 03, 2006

is it naptime yet?

According to NPR, today is National Napping Day. Yay! ...I just wish I were allowed to take advantage of it... Lots of experts tout the benefits of naps, citing studies that show that naps not only maintain the level of productivity (which usually drastically declines in the afternoon/after lunch hours), but they actually promote even more productivity. Bosses everywhere should be jumping on this bandwagon in droves, but it has yet to catch on. Sigh.

This weekend was pleansant although pretty busy...Friday night I went to a party waaay out in Somerville, at fellow activist's house - she just got a piano, and so much singing and playing of instruments occurred, which pleased me, as I love to listen to others sing and play guitar, piano, etc. It was a late night, though, so by the time I got back to the North End, Dan and I decided it wasn't worth trekking back out on the green line to go see JV. Oh, well - next time!

Saturday, I met DiRo for another delicious breakfast of mimosas and pumpkin pie pancakes (with ice cream!) at the Pour House. Yummy. I raced back from there to meet Bethany for a Haymarket run, where we picked up loads of fruits & veggies. Then Saturday turned into one of my favorite days ever, as I spent it with Danny in the kitchen - he was making his always-delicious tomato sauce, and I was cooking up a sweet potato pudding, but with our nice, big kitchen it was rare that we were in each other's way. We had some beers and spent the afternoon talking and singing along with Dan's iPod (that was hooked up to the stereo). Good times.

And, luckily, Bethany & Kevin showed up a little late for our dinner date, so we managed to get the pizzas done almost on time! We ran some errands to some of the great little speciality shops in the neighborhood, to pick up things like pepperoni and yeast (although I didn't get fast-rising yeast, as the package was in Italian, and my memory of musical notations had faded so much that I wasn't certain that "lento" meant "slow"...oops).

Dinner was really fun, though, and I do hope we do that again. Following the meal, we went to see Thank You For Smoking, which I had been looking forward to but was rather disappointed by - I had imagined the story very differently. Oh, well - it was amusing, at least. Cute story.

For some reason (blame Mitch Hedberg), I was up until 3 o'clock Sunday morning, so with the clocks set back, I only managed to get about 5 hours of sleep. Which is definitely catching up with me now - hence why I want that nap!!

Sunday afternoon was spent with Karen and Josh, and was such a blast! When they arrived in the city, we met up and wandered around the Quincy Market area, specifically Urban Outfitters (where both Karen & I bought awesome shirts!). Then we went to Borders (I picked up this book, which I'm excited to read) and on to Billy Tse's for a fantastic sushi dinner - yum! Great food, great company - great day. Thanks for the fun visit, Karen! :) Definitely come back soon.

And, now for the start of a somewhat busy week...I do hope to catch up on my sleep somewhere in here, though. For now, I think I need to go get me some caffeine. xoxo

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