Sunday, April 23, 2006

rainy Sunday

Breads #3 and #4 are taking too long to come out of the oven; I am running late for my book club meeting! And I am very annoyed. I was going to take one with me to the group, but it'll still be way too warm when I take it out of the oven, arg. They are delicious strawberry breads, though; I made 2 yesterday, and another 2 this afternoon (but clearly too late in the day!). Yesterday's were made with wheat instead of regular flour; today's are made with applesauce instead of oil (and I think therin lies the problem -- it always seems that applesauce substituted for oil takes longer to cook, as it is more moist).

Friday night was so pleasant; Dan & I just hung out at home and did nothing in particular. I really love nights like that. We had discussed either going to see Brick or American Dreamz, but we completely forgot about that. I do hope we can see both sometime in the next few weeks, though. I am especially excited to see a new take on film noir! I feel like the last attempt at that was Chinatown in the 70's. (With an adorable Jack Nicholson.)

Saturday morning I met Jess for breakfast at Theo's, just like old times! It's been a while, so we had a lot to catch up on. So much fun! I do hope we get to hanging out more often again, though. Once every few months just doesn't cut it. :)

Afterwards, I dropped a few letters off at the post office and then picked up some veggies at Haymarket (I've never gotten so much male attention in one place in my life, ugghhh -- next time Danny comes along). I went back home and hung out for a bit -- reading, knitting, watching movies -- actually, more like a few hours (I kept expecting we were going out, but we decided not to as the weather got worse).

...and I'm going to finish this up later. Well I mean, I'll post again, finishing up with what I had to say. I just have to go -- the bread is finally ready! xoxo

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TITLE: Collapse
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