Friday, March 31, 2006

tea time

Okay...I knew there was a reason I avoid letting myself look at the Republic of Tea catalog, but while I was waiting for my program to compile, I broke down and paged through...and the list I made of all the teas I want to try from them reminded me why it's a really bad idea to let me anywhere near their product line:

  • Cinnamon Plum (black)

  • Raspberry Quince (black)

  • Ginger Peach (black)

  • Republic Green Chai (green, duh)

  • Moroccan Mint (green)

  • Wild Berry Plumb (green)

  • Kiwi Pear (green)

  • Honey Ginseng (green)

  • Apple Blossom (green)

  • Orange Spice (green)

  • all of their white tea blends

  • Yerba Mat‚ Latte

  • Kid's Cuppa (decaf)

  • ManKind Blueberry (green)

  • Panda Berry (decaf)

  • Pomegranate (green)

  • all of their Sip for the Cure green tea blends

  • Monkey-Picked Oolong (I don't even think I'd like that, I just love the idea of monkey tea! haha)

  • Cranberry Blood Orange (black)

  • Apricot (decaf)

  • Tangerine Orange (green)

And to think, just a year or so ago, I didn't even like tea! Augh.

The worst problem is, I don't drink nearly enough tea for me to warrant purchasing any new ones. People already exclaim over my large tea collection every time they enter my kitchen. If I want to taste new teas, I gotta start drinking the ones I already have, to paraphrase what my mom used to say. :)

I better get drinking.

/me goes and makes herself a cup of Good Hope Vanilla

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