Thursday, April 27, 2006

okay, this isn't funny anymore...

So yesterday in the mail, besides receiving two fantastic letters (one from Chandra & one from Sarah K, yay for both!), I pulled a small, soft, company-wrapped package out of the mailbox. I quickly wracked my brain to try to remember if I had ordered something recently, but I hadn't. Tearing open the package with my curiousity mounting every moment, I pulled out ... a t-shirt! With the most adorable image ever:

I was in love with it on sight...but also terribly confused, as there was nothing else inside the package except the packing slip. I deduced that the t-shirt itself came from a fun site called, because that's where I found the shirt via a Google image search. There are no other clues. The only information on the outside of the vinyl envelope is the name of the company used to ship the product (SureShip), and the name of the company that processed the postage ( So. I am left with very little.

The only odd clue here is that the original shipping label indicates someone tried to mail it to my current street address, my current state, and my current zip...but they put my parents' (and my former) city, instead of Boston. Clearly the P.O. was able to figure it out via the zip code, but that probably delayed things a bit (as they had to paste a new label over the old one with the correct city on it...). The only other information I have is that it was mailed on April 19.

So, please step forward, you rogue package-sender!! I am incredibly curious. I'd guess that it was a birthday present, but it seems so early. I know already that it wasn't Dan, Jen, Sarah, or Bethany. So, who???

It's clearly someone who knows of my reverence of and love for clever-yet-adorable shirts. It's clearly someone who knows me well.

This reminds me all too eerily of the mystery bouquet I was mailed during my freshman year of college...I still to this day haven't figured that one out. It was a gorgeous bouquet, too, and (when I looked up the flower company online) pretty expensive. Seems like a lot for someone to do when they never took credit for it!! -- I do hope that someone actually comes forward, this time.

Sigh. I love the shirt, but I hate mysteries. Please enlighten me! xoxo

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oakland heidi said...

Did you find out who it was????

I am a fellow knitter from California who stumbled upon your blog... I am so envious that you have no UFO's....

I'm so distractable, I think I frgo more than I finish!!!