Wednesday, April 19, 2006

weekend wrap-up

This past weekend was busy but a lot of fun. Friday night, Dan & I had dinner with his friends Corey & Liz, who were in town for a conference-type thing. Saturday morning, we kicked around the house until it was time for our Shag appointments - cut & color for our hair, yay! I really like the color I ended up with, and my hair is significantly (to me, anyway) shorter, and much healthier-looking. And feeling. I really have to remember to cut my hair more often....

Right after Shag, I grabbed all of my bags (I had brought them to the salon so I could leave right from there), kissed Danny good-bye, and raced up to Porter Square to meet Tanya. Once we finally found a gas station and were able to get ourselves going in the correct direction on Mass Ave., we were on our way back to CT! We had a great time catching up during the 2-hour drive home. Ah, I love that girl. (And thanks for the ride, T!)

I arrived back in Unionville fairly late, but it was still early enough to play a few rounds of one of my new favorite games, Apples to Apples, with the family & Liam. As usual, hilarity ensued. :)

The next morning I awoke to the customary Easter basket on the floor by my bed (okay, I'll be honest: I was actually still up when my mother dropped it of in my room the previous night, but I promise I didn't look in it until Sunday morning!). As usual, Mom did an excellent job of customizing the baskets to us girls. She is so great at being a mother -- I hope I am half as good at it when and if I have children!

We attended church as usual (it was odd to have all of us girls - Mom, Sarah, Bethany, and me - in church together again, like it used to be). Of course Sarah & I spent most of the mass joking around and browsing the hymnals, but it was mostly just like old times. I also stopped before the mass to say hello to an old high school friend, Christine -- and I finally got to meet her fiance!! He seems like a very nice guy -- I'm looking forward to the wedding in September!

The family arrived for Easter shortly after we got back from church, and as usual it was nice to see everyone...well, almost everyone. Several of the cousins were missing due to out-of-state commitments, which was sad! Since there are so few of us. But Josh & Nick were there, and we of course played Apples to Apples again, hehe. And gorged ourselves on chocolate, courtesy of Aunt Lori!

Sunday night when everyone was gone, Jen came over to pick me up & we went to get coffee and catch up in person. We talk on the phone a lot, but it's always so nice to see her & chat face-to-face. Ah, yet another girl I adore. :)

Monday, I went in to the office (in Woodbury, CT) with my boss. It was good to be back there and I got a lot done while I was there. I was thisclose to finishing another small program, but I found a few things I wanted to clean up before I "release" it. Sigh. That's always the way.

Monday night I had a lovely dinner with Mom & Dad before catching the (really crowded!) bus back to Boston. We arrived around 10:55pm, and needless to say, I was exhausted -- definitely ready to get home & fall into bed! Which I did. you're pretty much caught up. Oh! Except for, yesterday evening, Danny & I went to see Against Me! and Alkaline Trio at the Avalon! It was a very good show -- I was singing along with most of the songs, which rocked. And, I ran into an old college acquantance (Pulin) who was working for PETA2! That was a neat surprise. He gave us some great (free!) stickers that I plan to use in upcoming letters.

This morning it was kind of hard to wake up for my shift at the Women's Lunch Place, but I'm glad I did -- we were severely short-staffed today! It was all rather surreal, because the doors were locked when I arrived at 7 -- normally, there are already plenty of people there, and half of the setup work is already done! We definitely had our work cut out for us. But I also got to really "bond" a bit more with one of the Wednesday regulars, Jean. She's very sweet, but at first she was very quiet and I found her rather standoffish. Now I feel much more comfortable talking to her and asking her questions. It's interesting, the odd first impressions one sometimes gets.

Okay, now I'm finally done. Ugh, I never seem to learn my lesson about putting entries off for a long time. Sorry for the long post! xoxo

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