Monday, April 10, 2006


This weekend was overwhelmingly busy (Friday: worked, finished the baby blanket, met Christine P. & Co. for a few drinks; Saturday: taught Claudia & Rachel to knit, volunteered during the busy lunch shift at the Women's Lunch Place, rushed to catch the train to Waltham to help Bethany prepare for Kevin's birthday party, and then actually attended the party - fun!; Sunday: went to the MIT book sale & Downtown Crossing with Dan, then a CodePink meeting, then a potluck dinner for Robin Lloyd, then dinner with Dan at the 'Snake), and I am exhausted. I didn't even get around to looking at the new week in my planner until just a half hour ago, at around 11:30...and I felt sick to my stomach when I saw "9:30am - appointment with Dr. Millis at the Boston Children's Hospital". Auuuughhh! I almost burst into tears. I cannot believe that, after spending all last week making sure that my referral to see him was approved, I had entirely forgotten the appointment! (It's been a bad morning.)

Fortunately, fate actually smiled down on me for once. I emailed Dr. Millis my sincerest apologies for having stood him up, and then called the BCH to reschedule my appointment...when the secretary was finally able to locate my patient info, she said: "So, you want to reschedule tomorrow's appointment?" I hastened to correct her that it was actually this morning, and that I had missed it...and then it dawned on me, that even though I had written the appointment down when I scheduled it, I had written it on the wrong day - the appointment was for tomorrow. Tuesday.

Boy, do I feel like a fool. But the luckiest fool ever, right now.

I certainly learned my lesson about checking my appointment book the day before, or at the very least when I wake up!

Now let's just hope my insurance company will let me move the referral from today to tomorrow....

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