Friday, April 21, 2006

poetry corner

Okay, so, this morning I wrote the first poem I've written in years. Are you ready for it? ...Here:

I cannot write a haiku
With this second line:

Haha, sorry if I disappointed. I never claimed it was any good!

I gave it to Dan, since he likes botrytisized wines (I have been wanting for us to try Trockenbeerenauslese; we'll have to find somewhere that sells it!).

Nothing much has been happening, really. Wednesday night was a fun birthday dinner (with Bethany, Ashu, and Rachel) for Claudia, at the Chilli Duck (yes, sic - we all questioned the odd spelling, but that's how it is!), on Boylston. I had crispy crab wonton (their version of crab rangoon) as an appetizer, and pad thai as a main course - both very good, but not the best I've tasted of either (although I am inclined to rave about their crab wonton because it's the first I've found here that rivals the Green Tea's - sweeter than most, and with a very good ratio of filling-to-outer-shell...mmm). I still prefer Green Tea's, but if I had a hankering and wasn't in CT, I'd head to the Chilli Duck, I think.

Yesterday night, I cooked Frankie's Chicken, Broccoli, and Ziti Alfredo. It took longer to make than I had expected, but it really did turn out delicious! I can't wait to have leftovers for lunch...

/me drools in anticipation

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TITLE: Collapse
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