Tuesday, January 31, 2006

presidential coins

I don't know how Congress passed this without my knowledge (haha), but they're going to be printing coins with all of the presidents on them, starting in 2007, I believe. $1 coins, in fact! As well as commemorative first lady coins and special Lincoln-bicentennial coins. Ah, that U.S. Mint....

The one rather strange stipulation is that a president must be deceased for 2 years for him to be put on one of the coins. I guess they're kind of assuming that most of those alive will be dead by 2016, but still - why the rule? Is it because it wouldn't be fair to all the other already-dead presidents who didn't get to see their own faces on coins?

Seriously, though, what's with the 2 years thing, especially? Do they want to make absolute certain they're dead and won't ever see a coin with their likeness stamped on the front?

So odd. But, I'm always a huge fan of new coins/stamps/bills/etc. As much as I don't like the government 99% of the time, I do like new issues of our currencies. I am looking forward to the change of pace. Let's hope they do better than the Sacagawea dollar coin...(I wish that one had done better, but alas, it was not up to me.) xoxo

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